Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing a paint color can be daunting and I’ve talked to friends who have stories about how they picked the perfect color but when it got on the wall they realized they chose the wrong color.  

benjamin moore+best paint colors_how to choose paint_color combinationsSo, that’s why I’m telling you that when you are choosing a paint, get a quart or one of the small sample jars and paint a strip of color on each of the four walls you are planning on using the paint.

It’s crucial to see how light impacts paint colors.”

In one of our homes in Texas I wanted to paint the color a sort of muddy Southwest yellow. I didn’t want it to be too yellow so I picked out a couple of paints in that color family I thought would work. Well, guess what?  Once the sun hit them they each turned bright gold and were hideous on my walls. It took several tries before I found the right one, but painting a strip of color on my walls helped me make a sound decision about the right shade of paint for my living room.

So, take your time, choose a couple of different shades of a similar color and paint a few strips of paint on your walls.  

You will be glad you did!!!


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