End of Summer ~ Into Fall: Home project and color/de-cluttering Inspiration

I can’t believe it!  Summer is almost over and and soon school will be starting, athletic events and all the tailgate parties and events that spell Fall.  Are you thinking ahead to projects around the home  that you might be considering?  

I have some ideas about how to start.

If you’re just thinking of making some small changes that don’t involve remodeling, I suggest you start with with a color palate of your choice and decide how you can incorporate that into your home to give it a whole new look.

Of all the things we do in our home, painting is one of the least
expensive and the one that makes a huge impact so start there!  

Choose your predominate color and than add two colors to that.  I usually carry one color through my house by small touches of that color here and there to be consistent.  It helps unify your home through the use of color!simplify your decor-fall home projects-design color inspiration-tan walls red accent

Like red?  While I might not paint my living room red, I might use tan, dark green and touches of red…it’s somewhat rustic and woodsy.  Light tan walls with some painted furniture in dark green with plaid pillows in those colors and you can be done!  Add a small container in red with a live green plant for an extra touch of those colors.  

Just don’t try and go overboard and combine a lot of colors….You’ll not like the finished effect and your room won’t feel relaxing to you.  

Think about not having so much stuff on the surfaces…they don’t all have to be out at one time! Create a relaxing space and you’ll love spending time in that room!

Try alternating collections of decor in your room to simplify your surfaces and save space. 

Til’ next time,


Photo from Inexposed.com | “Pretty Living Rooms Simplicity Decor”