How to plan your home remodeling projects

Getting ready to do some renovation or remodeling?  

Most of my jobs evolve around helping people with second homes manage their projects.  Sharing with you some basic steps I hope will make your process a lot easier.  


Make a complete list of what you hope to do.  

Consider doing maintenance that has been overlooked before you get started.


Prioritize your list from most important to least.


Be sure to figure out your budget and get a good picture of all your costs before you start.  These projects always get bigger as they go….that’s remodeling!

The work

Get several bids from contractors.

Decide who is going to manage the project.  If you manage it, you can go out and get your own bids and figure out initial costs before you get too far into it.  For instance, counter tops vary in cost depending on the substrate and the company.  Be sure and get references and look at reviews so you know the reputation of the company you’re doing business with.  This is very important. You don’t want to start and then have the project stopped because one of the companies has taken on another job that they feel takes precedence over yours!!

One of the things I do most for my clients is Manage their remodeling projects for them. Contact me if you have questions or if you’re interested in hiring me! I offer consultations too.


Remodeling can be fun so make sure you have a process in place to keep it from getting harried.   


‘Til next time!!!